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Laser Hair Removal Medium Areas 

Farewell to unwanted fuzz in medium areas and banish hair from head to toes, including upper and lower arms and legs., underarms, bikini/Brazilian. Say hello to effortlessly smooth skin, wave goodbye to razors and waxing!

Underarms $250

Stay sleek and stubble-free with underarm laser hair removal

Partial Legs $400

Partial leg laser hair removal: your key to silky, bare confidence

Upper Back $400

Effortlessly smooth your upper back with our precise laser hair removal treatments

Forearms $300

Show off smooth, bare arms with our partial laser hair removal

Bikini/Brazilian $250

Dive into confidence with bikini laser hair removal for a flawless, carefree look

Neck $300

Refine your neckline with laser hair removal for a sleek, polished look

Before & After Gallery

*Individual results may vary 

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